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Why give personalised gifts?

You may have asked yourself this question and it is a valid question to ask - why buy a personalised gift instead of something generic from the High Street or online? I pride myself on being a good gift giver and that is not just me blowing my own trumpet! Last year I had a week where I gave two people gifts for two different occasions. I got lovely messages from both telling me the gift I had given was their favourite! Why? What had I done differently? I had taken the time to think about the gift I wanted to give and I wanted it to be something personal to the recipient. I wanted my gift to be something that could be kept for a long time and treasured as something unique. And the time, thought and effort paid off in the lovely thank you messages I received!

There is nothing wrong with the usual type of presents such as perfume, chocolates, bath products and toiletry gift sets. I have received many of these over the years and always make good use of them. But let's be honest, if you yourself have a think about the presents you may have received for your last birthday or the birthday before that, can you remember what you got or who gave you which gift? It's the gifts that meant something that you can probably remember - if someone brought your favourite thing, such as your favourite perfume or your favourite chocolates you might remember because it shows they know you, know what you like and made the effort to give you that. But once the perfume has finished or the chocolates have been eaten, how likely are you to actually remember them?

If you give a personalised gift, that is you making the effort to give someone something special that they can treasure for a long time and think of you every time they see it. And the chances are it will be their favourite gift because it is something different from the usual type of presents!

Buying presents, whether that is for a birthday, wedding, house warming, religious occasion or anything else, is not necessarily an easy task. You have to try and remember what you brought that person previously, so you don't get them the same again or anything similar. You think about what their likes and dislikes are, but sometimes even if you have known that person for a number of years, the pressure of buying a present makes your mind go blank! That is where personalised gifts come in! Personalised gifts are bespoke, so the recipient is unlikely to already have the item you are considering. That is what makes it extra special and memorable!

Still unsure about personalised presents and whether they are actually keepsakes? I gave a couple a personalised plaque for their wedding and they displayed it on their big day, alongside their guest book. Now, over two years later, that personalised plaque still sits on their windowsill in their front room! Whenever I see that plaque it makes me smile - yes it is something I made myself through MKG Plaques, but to know that the item I gave them still takes pride of place in their living room makes me smile.

So, if you are going to the effort to give someone a gift, make it a gift they will remember and treasure for a long time to come. Give a personalised gift!


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